Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Orly Taitz Disbarred and Delusions of Grandeur

Orly Taitz, the yet to be disbarred "attorney", has compared herself to many people of importance in her rants at her blog. Her latest really takes the cake. She has now compared herself to George Washington simply because she has spent her Christmas time harrassing court clerks and sending out invalid subpoenas.

She made this "Press Release" yesterday and the title is so long that it may not fit in this blog post but I'll use it anyway.

Caution! Do not click on the link below unless your computer is heavily protected from computer viruses and malware:

On Christmas day 1776 George Washington crossed the Delaware river and led the Continental army towards victory, which was the most precious Christmas gift ever given to the people of this nation. On Christmas day 2012 I am leading the battle with subpoenas to remove the foreign national, a citizen of Indonesia Barack Hussein Obama, a criminal with forged IDs and a stolen Social Security number out of the White House and bring back the freedoms which were won with blood and tears!!!

I am positive that Orly had this picture in her mind as she typed this "press release". The only difference was that she pictured herself in George Washington's place.

Those of you that support Orly Taitz please take a hint. She will never succeed in her Sisyphean quest because the courts can't decide what she wants decided. Orly couldn't litigate her way out of a paper bag. Not my words but the words of Attorney Kevin Underhill. This is an article that every Orly supporter should read: Orly Taitz Now 0-158?
Sooner or later the courts are going to tire of Orly's antics and shut her down. Until that day, she will continue to keep us amused with her idiocy.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

BREAKING! Orly Taitz Disbarred to Represent Kansas Birther

>>>> UPDATED BELOW <<<< 


It's hard to tell from Orly's website since it is such a huge mess with the way she copies and pastes crap from her email and other web pages, but I get the feeling that Kansas will be graced with a visit from the World's Worst Attorney, Orly Taitz, ESQ, DDS, DUMB.

From what I gather, she received an email from Birther Joe Montgomery, that does some kind of work for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University and she may end up representing him at the next hearing tomorrow morning in Topeka, Kansas.

Birfer Joe Montgomery

Not that it is great news because Obama will remain on the ballot regardless of the threats from Orly's empty head. She will be once again going up against the empty chair that has since received its law degree.

My interest in writing about this is that Joe Montgomery is a birther known as ksdb and edge919 throughout the interwebs. Seems he does a lot of birfing during his work time because there are many posts everywhere during normal work hours and many of them racist in nature.

After finding out about Joe Montgomery, I wanted to know why a guy that seems relatively intelligent would want to spend all of his time birfing and came across this website when I Googled his name.

That led me to ksdb and a search on Google using "ksdb Obama" brings back numerous posts that occur at all times during the day from websites like Free Republic and pretty much anywhere the Obama eligiblity issue is discussed. The guy posts as edge919 on Free Republic. And I'm not writing about just a few post, the guy stays busy all day long posting anything he can to get the point out that he doesn't like President Obama or the First Lady.

Regardless, I wonder if his employers know that he birfs pretty much full time, so I wonder what kind of work he actually does other than birfing?

Update ... It appears that someone has punked the World's Worst Attorney as she has posted what should be privileged communications between a client and attorney if Joe really did indeed contact her. The name and email address used in the email are Joseph Montgoumery<>. Unless Mr. Montgomery forgot how to spell his name, there are two different spellings the way Orly has copied and pasted the email communications into her blog post. Note first it is spelled Montgoumery and then in the email address, it is spelled Mountgomery.

Never fear, though. We're in for some good entertainment tomorrow regardless. Orly claims that the she will ask the commission to grant her "pro hac vice" to practice law in Kansas for this hearing. Unfortunately, they can't do that. So, she will be testifying as a "whistle blower" and witness and she will do all of the talking. Somehow, I think that she won't be doing any talking.

Oh, and here's the linky to the post of Orly's. ""   No doubt the person is fooling with Orly based on the way the communications read.

UPDATE! Orly  now knows she was punked. She has removed the correspondence posted on her blog. Some of the correspondence has been copied and is located in the Disbar Orly Taitz Facebook page by someone if anyone is interested in reading it. Squeeky also has screen captures of those posts on her blog The Birther Think Tank.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Orly Taitz Disbarred? Why not?

When I view the statistics for this blog, one of the search terms is "why has Orly Taitz not been disbarred". Seriously... Those words are typed into search engines and bring the searcher to this blog more than any other set of words sans "Orly Taitz disbarred".

My answer. I don't know. Orly Taitz should be disbarred. No one has a logical answer as to why she has not been disbarred. She has violated many of the rules for professional conduct of the California Bar and yet she remains with a license to puke all over the courts of this land.

If I didn't know better, I would think that we all really do live in a country that Orly wants this country to be. It's apparent that she misses her homeland of Russia because everything she is for and everything she wants this country to be represents the country she says she dislikes so much.

Orly Taitz and her Dental Skills

Sometime back, Orly "Lena" Taitz, went on the show Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller. In a recent post that Lena grabbed from Google cache claiming that NASDAQ had picked up her interview, I learned through another blog that someone on Stephanie's show had mentioned the fact that Orlena has lost her dental license.

Apparently, this was not true as Orly sent Stephanie a "Cease and Desist" letter that Stephanie read on her show here:

Feeling terribly about this faux paux that was uttered on her show, Stephanie apparently decided to take up Orly's offer for a cleaning when she made the requested retraction (LOVE THE WAY SHE CAN SOUND LIKE ORLY!).

Listen to the language of the letter that Stephanie reads that was written by Lena. Sure seems it was taken from Orly's arch enemy, Phil Berg's, letter to Orly Taitz regarding all of the trash Lena posted about one of his assistants. Of course, having this information about Lena losing her dentist license wouldn't hurt Orlena's dental practice. How many of her patients do you think actually read blogs on the internet? How many patients do you think Orlena gets from people outside of a 10 mile radius from her dental office? Yea... For sure, this claim is going to cost Orly. And Orly is always arguing in court that people are trying to take away her livelyhood of being an attorney when she has absolutely no paying clients.

I wonder if Stephanie regrets her decision to make up with Orly?

Kudos to Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter or this picture of Stephanie. The caption was also written by Squeeky.

I Breetract Eberytring I Said Bad About Herb Drental Bricenze. She Iz A Vebby Good Dentizt

When I saw the above photo on Squeeky's blog (, I couldn't help break out laughing. This is the way I picture many of Orly's patients. In fact, I found some of Orly's clients photos and am posting them below...

Yes. I would recommend all birfers visit Orly for a great smile! I wonder if Orly will send me some of the money she has grifted from her supporters for this plug of her dental services??? Probably not...

Here are some links to reviews of her dental practice. I'll let the reviews speak for themselves:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Orly Taitz Wants to Kill Babies

In her continued jihad against President Obama, Orly is now wanting to have the Affordable Health Care Act repealed based on an utter lie that Muslims are exempt from buying health insurance.

Her suit was originally filed in California but dismissed for lack of venue. So, Orly Taitz, being the totally inept attorney she is, filed the case in Texas because she believes one of the defendents that is no longer a federal employee lives in the district she filed it in.

Here's the lawsuit and it's a mess to read.
NDTX - TvS - 2012-08-30 - TAITZ Motion for Stay of Health Care Tax Penalty

Of course, Orly won't succeed in this lawsuit but it should be noted that she would prefer to have little babies die rather than have to buy insurance because of the Affordable Health Care Act. Orly Taitz believes that people will convert to Islam to avoid being 'taxed'.

Here's one of the babies she would like to kill:

What a total moron! Orly Taitz is a despicable excuse for a human being.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Orly Taitz Disbarred and Educating Voters

For people who would even remotely consider taking Orly (Lena) Taitz as a serious candidate for the US Senate, they should take a very close look at this website set up for her senate run.

Made by Crazy Orly, it details the numerous idiotic things she has done throughout her career as The Queen of the Birfers.

****************************** UPDATE ********************************

It appears that the website above is being run by a birther that haz a mad at the Mad Moldolvian. So, Orly, if you're looking for an Obot - think about some of the people you have passed gas on from your big fat white butt.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Orly (Lena) Taitz Disbarred and BUSTED!

Orly Lena Taitz called into a radio show to spew her standard batshit insanity.

Listen to her call and read about it here!

Way to go, Orly Lena! I wonder what gave you away and why did you hang up when you were asked such a simple question?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Orly Taitz Disbarred and Jailed

This is the future for Orly Taitz as she continues to file frivolous lawsuits throughout the country. It is apparent that the State of Mississippi isn't going to put up with her non-sense. She's practicing law without a license there. Same with Indiana. I predict that she will be having to ask her supporters to pay for her upcoming sanctions and maybe it is time she had to spend some time behind bars. After all, she is a 'political dissident' as she is always claiming in every batshit crazy lawsuit she files.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Orly Taitz Disbarred and Bragging on a Senate Poll

Yesterday, Queen of the Birfers Orly Taitz went on Syndicated News Radio to claim 'victory' in the US Senate Race against Dianne Feinstein based on a poll being run on the OC Register website.

She was claiming victory due to a completely unscientific poll in which anyone could vote and those people could vote as many times as they wanted. On top of that, she continuously posted on her blog that her "supporters" should vote in this poll so that she would win. And from reading her blog postings, I would have to say that Orly really thought that by winning this poll that she would become the next Senator. Can we all say delusional???

Well, things didn't work out so well for her. As of this morning, Orly lost the lead she had in this poll and she is now looking for another poll that she can send her flying monkeys to so that they can vote for her.

For amusement, you really need to listen to her on the radio (embedded below) where she claimed the results of this poll showed that people were behind her in her bid for the Senate seat now held by Dianne Feinstein.

Sorry, Orly, but it doesn't appear that you're capable of winning. While it is true during the day that she was leading in the poll, perhaps she should have waited until the following day to claim victory before she made a fool of herself by going on the radio to announce her victory.

It sure looks like people who probably had to be working during the day and didn't have time to participate in the poll finally cast their vote last night and it seems that Orly isn't what they want. The candidate of choice is the candidate that the California Republican Party endorsed. I guess they know what the people want.

If you're interested in voting in this poll or just looking at the current results, you can go to the link above, select "Show previous polls" and then click the link for US Senate race (April 9, 2012).

Not that it will really matter. I just find it amusing that Orly would actually believe that any of these polls she likes to link to really mean anything.

Emken Wins!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Orly Taitz to be Disbarred Soon

Orly Taitz is the most incompetent "attorney" in the entire history of the world. It is my prediction that Orly Taitz will soon be disbarred. It is important for everyone that believes that Orly Taitz should be disbarred to file a complaint with the California Bar.

From the California State Bar website:

"All lawyers who practice in California must live up to ethical standards imposed by the California Supreme Court and the state legislature. As an arm of the California Supreme Court, the State Bar investigates and prosecutes complaints against lawyers."

Orly Taitz has NOT lived up to the ethical standards imposed by the California Supreme Court and state legislature. If the California Bar will not disbar her based on complaints sent by law abiding citizens, then there is a need to start a letter writing campaign to members of the California state legislature. Maybe they can do something about her unethical behavior.

You can get a form and file it from this website:

Orly Taitz. The clock is ticking...