Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Orly Taitz Disbarred and Bragging on a Senate Poll

Yesterday, Queen of the Birfers Orly Taitz went on Syndicated News Radio to claim 'victory' in the US Senate Race against Dianne Feinstein based on a poll being run on the OC Register website.

She was claiming victory due to a completely unscientific poll in which anyone could vote and those people could vote as many times as they wanted. On top of that, she continuously posted on her blog that her "supporters" should vote in this poll so that she would win. And from reading her blog postings, I would have to say that Orly really thought that by winning this poll that she would become the next Senator. Can we all say delusional???

Well, things didn't work out so well for her. As of this morning, Orly lost the lead she had in this poll and she is now looking for another poll that she can send her flying monkeys to so that they can vote for her.

For amusement, you really need to listen to her on the radio (embedded below) where she claimed the results of this poll showed that people were behind her in her bid for the Senate seat now held by Dianne Feinstein.

Sorry, Orly, but it doesn't appear that you're capable of winning. While it is true during the day that she was leading in the poll, perhaps she should have waited until the following day to claim victory before she made a fool of herself by going on the radio to announce her victory.

It sure looks like people who probably had to be working during the day and didn't have time to participate in the poll finally cast their vote last night and it seems that Orly isn't what they want. The candidate of choice is the candidate that the California Republican Party endorsed. I guess they know what the people want.

If you're interested in voting in this poll or just looking at the current results, you can go to the link above, select "Show previous polls" and then click the link for US Senate race (April 9, 2012).

Not that it will really matter. I just find it amusing that Orly would actually believe that any of these polls she likes to link to really mean anything.

Emken Wins!