Sunday, September 16, 2012

BREAKING! Orly Taitz Disbarred to Represent Kansas Birther

>>>> UPDATED BELOW <<<< 


It's hard to tell from Orly's website since it is such a huge mess with the way she copies and pastes crap from her email and other web pages, but I get the feeling that Kansas will be graced with a visit from the World's Worst Attorney, Orly Taitz, ESQ, DDS, DUMB.

From what I gather, she received an email from Birther Joe Montgomery, that does some kind of work for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University and she may end up representing him at the next hearing tomorrow morning in Topeka, Kansas.

Birfer Joe Montgomery

Not that it is great news because Obama will remain on the ballot regardless of the threats from Orly's empty head. She will be once again going up against the empty chair that has since received its law degree.

My interest in writing about this is that Joe Montgomery is a birther known as ksdb and edge919 throughout the interwebs. Seems he does a lot of birfing during his work time because there are many posts everywhere during normal work hours and many of them racist in nature.

After finding out about Joe Montgomery, I wanted to know why a guy that seems relatively intelligent would want to spend all of his time birfing and came across this website when I Googled his name.

That led me to ksdb and a search on Google using "ksdb Obama" brings back numerous posts that occur at all times during the day from websites like Free Republic and pretty much anywhere the Obama eligiblity issue is discussed. The guy posts as edge919 on Free Republic. And I'm not writing about just a few post, the guy stays busy all day long posting anything he can to get the point out that he doesn't like President Obama or the First Lady.

Regardless, I wonder if his employers know that he birfs pretty much full time, so I wonder what kind of work he actually does other than birfing?

Update ... It appears that someone has punked the World's Worst Attorney as she has posted what should be privileged communications between a client and attorney if Joe really did indeed contact her. The name and email address used in the email are Joseph Montgoumery<>. Unless Mr. Montgomery forgot how to spell his name, there are two different spellings the way Orly has copied and pasted the email communications into her blog post. Note first it is spelled Montgoumery and then in the email address, it is spelled Mountgomery.

Never fear, though. We're in for some good entertainment tomorrow regardless. Orly claims that the she will ask the commission to grant her "pro hac vice" to practice law in Kansas for this hearing. Unfortunately, they can't do that. So, she will be testifying as a "whistle blower" and witness and she will do all of the talking. Somehow, I think that she won't be doing any talking.

Oh, and here's the linky to the post of Orly's. ""   No doubt the person is fooling with Orly based on the way the communications read.

UPDATE! Orly  now knows she was punked. She has removed the correspondence posted on her blog. Some of the correspondence has been copied and is located in the Disbar Orly Taitz Facebook page by someone if anyone is interested in reading it. Squeeky also has screen captures of those posts on her blog The Birther Think Tank.