Friday, September 7, 2012

Orly Taitz and her Dental Skills

Sometime back, Orly "Lena" Taitz, went on the show Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller. In a recent post that Lena grabbed from Google cache claiming that NASDAQ had picked up her interview, I learned through another blog that someone on Stephanie's show had mentioned the fact that Orlena has lost her dental license.

Apparently, this was not true as Orly sent Stephanie a "Cease and Desist" letter that Stephanie read on her show here:

Feeling terribly about this faux paux that was uttered on her show, Stephanie apparently decided to take up Orly's offer for a cleaning when she made the requested retraction (LOVE THE WAY SHE CAN SOUND LIKE ORLY!).

Listen to the language of the letter that Stephanie reads that was written by Lena. Sure seems it was taken from Orly's arch enemy, Phil Berg's, letter to Orly Taitz regarding all of the trash Lena posted about one of his assistants. Of course, having this information about Lena losing her dentist license wouldn't hurt Orlena's dental practice. How many of her patients do you think actually read blogs on the internet? How many patients do you think Orlena gets from people outside of a 10 mile radius from her dental office? Yea... For sure, this claim is going to cost Orly. And Orly is always arguing in court that people are trying to take away her livelyhood of being an attorney when she has absolutely no paying clients.

I wonder if Stephanie regrets her decision to make up with Orly?

Kudos to Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter or this picture of Stephanie. The caption was also written by Squeeky.

I Breetract Eberytring I Said Bad About Herb Drental Bricenze. She Iz A Vebby Good Dentizt

When I saw the above photo on Squeeky's blog (, I couldn't help break out laughing. This is the way I picture many of Orly's patients. In fact, I found some of Orly's clients photos and am posting them below...

Yes. I would recommend all birfers visit Orly for a great smile! I wonder if Orly will send me some of the money she has grifted from her supporters for this plug of her dental services??? Probably not...

Here are some links to reviews of her dental practice. I'll let the reviews speak for themselves: