Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Orly Taitz Disbarred and Delusions of Grandeur

Orly Taitz, the yet to be disbarred "attorney", has compared herself to many people of importance in her rants at her blog. Her latest really takes the cake. She has now compared herself to George Washington simply because she has spent her Christmas time harrassing court clerks and sending out invalid subpoenas.

She made this "Press Release" yesterday and the title is so long that it may not fit in this blog post but I'll use it anyway.

Caution! Do not click on the link below unless your computer is heavily protected from computer viruses and malware:

On Christmas day 1776 George Washington crossed the Delaware river and led the Continental army towards victory, which was the most precious Christmas gift ever given to the people of this nation. On Christmas day 2012 I am leading the battle with subpoenas to remove the foreign national, a citizen of Indonesia Barack Hussein Obama, a criminal with forged IDs and a stolen Social Security number out of the White House and bring back the freedoms which were won with blood and tears!!!

I am positive that Orly had this picture in her mind as she typed this "press release". The only difference was that she pictured herself in George Washington's place.

Those of you that support Orly Taitz please take a hint. She will never succeed in her Sisyphean quest because the courts can't decide what she wants decided. Orly couldn't litigate her way out of a paper bag. Not my words but the words of Attorney Kevin Underhill. This is an article that every Orly supporter should read: Orly Taitz Now 0-158?
Sooner or later the courts are going to tire of Orly's antics and shut her down. Until that day, she will continue to keep us amused with her idiocy.