Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Orly Taitz Disbarred and Crash Landing in Hawaii

As was predicted, Orly Taitz and her 'experts' were denied access to the holy grail yesterday when she crash landed in Hawaii. At this point, Orly and her minions believe that a hearing scheduled for September, 14th 2011 to compel the HDOH will allow Orly to overcome that hurdle and finally allow her to prove, once and for all, that the birth certificate is a cheap forgery. It is unfortunate that people will continue to send her money and she will continue to dupe them into doing so. Once the judge gets up to speed on everything happening in the birferverse, the motion will be denied. It is even likely that Judge Lamberth will dismiss her case in the DC court prior to her hearing and that will make that motion moot.

Once again, the side show freak that is not a carnival barker has failed. Birfer tears will flow and Obots throughout the land will continue to laugh at their failures.

The only question remains is when will Orly Taitz be disbarred? Maybe never but she will eventually fade into obscurity and use her law license to defend herself against the numerous lawsuits against her for shoddy dental work. That's why she got her law license in the first place...